Charles Manson – “Peace in Your Heart”

Charles Manson – Peace in Your Heart

Gravado em Vacaville (Vacaville Medical Facility) em Abril de 1985.
Lançado em 1994 para comemorar o 60º aniversário de Charles Manson.

We’ll make us some money
Make the world look funny
As they glance on through a burning asshole
Down to the castles of the vampire dreams
And you know Frankenstein I am
Mean man in a can
Way down on that lonesome road
Where nobody goes, it’s a terrible thing
It’s just the peace in your heart you know
It’s just the peace in your heart that you’re playing like a part
Of another world someplace somewhere
As if there was another dream way beyond what you see
Moving right in your mind right there
You’ve got Christ on twice
Got the rivers on boats and then you’re floatin’ down the stream
Yeah youre floatin’ like an old goat on Bill Grogan’s goat
Wasn’t feeling mighty fine in the rain
Bill Grogan’s on goat and it’s tied to the railroad train
You coughed him up a can and you threw away the man
And then you flagged him on down again
Around and round again around and round again
Once on friend like a brother coming in and then
I’m back on my round Again
All down people all down on the down you know what is down on the slide
And everyone told you and everyone told you and everybody told a goddamn Lie
They were lying and the cheat laying in the graves
Way down in the Devil’s Hole
He was down with the soul where you do what you’re told
Or you die and you never get back again
Yeah on a riverboat ride down to the world you say what you are
Like you said something to some dollar bill
on somebody on somebody else’s star
You was ringin’ em thing and then am swingin’ em ding ah na na
Riding Harley on a Charlie on a Ho Minh Chin trail
Down in a outlaw bout on a mafioso
Motherfucker till ya godfathers met on a telephone ride
You seeing how much you got to spend
He said you keeping my money from acting kinda funny
And ya calling me back to play like your honey
And it comes around and you jump like easter bunny in my mind
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
I been down through that old hat dreams on fine and you
You been playing behind yourself you double dirty crossing you dog
You lied and snitched and ran off
Left your father in a grave,
In a grave
He had died and burned in the fire lying there Nuremburg
Freeing bird purest word down on it studersburg(?)
Dreams on the sky said to fly higher than your eye
Beyond everything you ever thought a dream
In your mind I can shine
Way beyond thought
Way beyond to my lizard
And my spiders on my rock
And my deepest down deeper
Than my Devil’s Hole
And I cried down again
I said goddamn you lost your soul
You sold out you damn fool
What you end up with
Somebody’s rule
You got to play evil
And down in sin
You got to be there
Truss it back again
Cut it on down
Bring it around
And let me go on
To my home where I love
Down on anywhere’s OK
I’m just livin’ in my own motherfuckin’ dream
You’ve been walking every goddamn day
In my motherfuckin’ day death row
Down on the hole
Fix the green submarines you jellybean jerkin’ jeans
Down through everybody’s mind can’t you see
Geneva on the M.X. riding on the world free
How come you wont let me back in and live what I earned. I earned my way
Out of this goddamn can. I told you I didn’t break your motherfuckin’
Law. you goddamn fool. 1776, you think I’m gonna die for that again?
Fuck you! you carry it back. you carry that motherfucker back one time.
And then bring it on back to my city in my rhyme and play like you’re
Something over me, fool. I’ll take my pistol and teach you a rule.
Down through my outlaw swing on a noose
You think I was playing fancy fantail with your bridge party and your
Mother Goose
You better get down on your spiritual mind
Try back through samurai
Moving on a shallow wish know I
Arrows arrows
Sweet purple bug brain
All slave to the one self of all god is all in the wisdom of the one
That lives down inside of you, fool
Don’t keep trying to take me back to school
Teach me whose motherfuckin’ rule
I read that book crook
I took another look
To seeing the cement was even dying under your feets
And the walls had great cracks
And then you play like your wisdom was God’s on some summer mind’s
And then you told somebody you drank another bottle of scotch
Then I took up on my Cutty Sark
And I flew around the world on a drunk ride

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~ por ATWA Brasil em 27/06/2009.

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